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Missions Department

The focus of the missions department is reaching souls. It does not matter if they live next to the local church or on the other side of the world. Every soul matters to God and is important to Him. We currently help 16 missionaries throughout North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania, and Europe. Members of the congregation have visited the foreign countries of Germany, Honduras, and Guatemala. The goal of the missions department is to encourage everyone to get involved with support by not only giving of finances but praying for the missionaries in their various fields of labor. Our mission is to take the whole Gospel to the whole world! (Matthew 28:19a)

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The third Sunday of each month we present a mission focus during the evening service.  The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend we have a Taste of Missions which has included various foods from some of the different countries. We sometimes have bilingual services which have included Karen and Spanish. We try to represent as many countries as possible because EVERY SOUL MATTERS to God!

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