Sunday School Department

 The Sunday School Department Begins the Spring Quarter 2015


An exciting new quarter (March, April, May) is beginning for the Apostolic Lighthouse Sunday School Department with new themes, lessons and activities.

• The Pre-K Class (ages 2-4) encourages everyone to “Come Fly with Us” and view the displays of things that move and fly. Pre-K students prepare to soar with Jesus as they learn about His birth, the repentance message of John the Baptist, and how to follow Jesus every day.  Teachers are Sister Kathy Gilson and Sister Malinda Martin.


The Beginner Class (ages 5-7) will learn that “Kids R Kool” both today and in the Bible and that God has a purpose and a plan for each person, no matter the circumstances. The setting for the lessons is in the Sundae Soda Shoppe, an ice cream parlor of the 1950s. A deep trust in God and the students’ ability to overcome bad situations tie these stories together. Yes, Kids R Kool and they have ups and downs, and sometimes make mistakes, but we all learn how to overcome through experiences.  Teachers are Brother and Sister Jerry Pirtle


• The Primary Class (ages 8-10) are “Knights of the Kingdom” this quarter as they study a serious subject: the whole armor of God. As they enter the stone castle each Sunday, students will learn about the whole armor of God and the commitment it takes to be a Christian. If these “knights” are to be successful at withstanding the wiles of the devil, the pressure of the world, and their own insecurities and weaknesses, they need to know they are not in the fight alone.  That is why we need godly examples among the adults.  Teachers are Sister Riley and Sister Watson.


The Junior Class (ages 11-14) does extensive Bible research and Bible studies on a variety of topics applicable to life at their ages.  By learning to use the Strong's Exhaustive Concordance along with Scripture, these young people are being reminded of God's love and purpose for each of their lives.  Teachers are Becky Brown and Rachel Brown.  


--Bro. Jerry Pirtle
Sunday School Director

  April 2018  
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