Homeschool Corner
October 9, 2014, 12:00 AM

WELCOME Homeschoolers!

It is with honor that we have included this portion of our website to provide an encouragement page for Apostolic homeschoolers. The number of families who school in the home is growing substantially widespread across the world. Over the past three decades there have been many beneficial legal gains to ensure the protection of parental rights to oversee the educational needs of their children.  However, negativity and challenges linger without and within the church and the Apostolic families greatly need support and encouragement. Apostolics need each other; Homeschoolers need each other.  

It is always sad when Apostolic families take on the responsibility of homeschooling only to eventually back away and give up due to a lack of encouragement and resources.  It is hoped that through providing information and local fellowship, which is based in unquestionable affirmation, families will be strengthened who have the burden to school and disciple their children at home.  Further, that the students of Apostolic families will be inspired to carry forth the torch passed to them by their homeschooling parents.



Maybe you are a first generation homeschooling family.  Many of us are.  We can learn together the ropes of choosing curriculum, organizing our daily schedules, enduring through challenging times and succeeding through to graduation!  We will gleen from those who have already attained in areas in which we are unsure.



Perhaps you are a homeschool graduate and are presently schooling your own children.  You have much valuable information to share with others! Your prayers for others can help them along the way.  OR You could be one of the first generationers who have completed schooling your children at home and can share with others tidbits of wisdom on how they too can accomplish  graduating their students.



COME ABOARD!  The Disciple-Ship section is here for encouraging families to grow in the area of home discipleship.  We are all growing individually to be a stronger disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Truly, as Christians, we desire each day to be perfected even more and have our lives mirror the ways of the Lord.  While adults are still  in their own growing process, they simultaneously hold the responsibility of discipling their young ones in areas of relationship with Jesus and building godly character.  By helping a child attain in these areas parents fulfill the command of the Lord to "train up a child in the way he should go...", thus, instilling productive Christian living skills within the child.  No matter what academic school choice a family is involved in there exists the God given mandate that discipleship must be an active part in every home.  Parents have the high calling to personally train their own children diligently...and with God's help, it can be done!

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Through this effort we hope to provide references to resources of books, cd, dvd (recordings) of godly information which is based upon Apostolic foundations. 




~Project Fair
During the Family Foundation Conference each year we reserve Friday mid day for the Homeschooler's Fellowship and Project Fair.  This will be similar to a science fair or UIL in other school systems.  A theme is chosen and tables provided for projects the student wishes to display.  A podium will be available for public speaking opportunity.  Silent judging sheets may be placed near each project for constructive and encouraging feedback by viewers.  


Steps To Participate in Project Fair and Public Speaking Opportunity


Step 1     Prepare a project or speech to present. 

Step 2     Register student project at the HS Table at 9:30AM on Friday.

Step 3     Present project or speech during HSC presentation time on Friday

Step 4     Remove project from table by 4:30pm Saturday of conference 
               (FFC is not responsible for projects left on table) 


Projects may be hands on crafts, photography, experiment results, essays, speeches, etc. 

While godly appropriateness is required, the possibility of ideas is limitless.  Have fun!


At FFC 2015 we began the theme "Entrepr-What?!?".  Each year we have endeavored to continue this theme to encourage families to build skills and understanding in the areas of entrepreneurism and family business.   (please call 903-539-6298 for more info on how to participate)  Below, please find some ideas on preparing an activity along this theme.

Three Basic Steps 
1)Choose a God-given skill   2) With that skill decide what service or product you can provide an Apostolic Christian community   3) Determine how this can become a business to create an income for you and your family 


~Games at conference

After sessions/services are completed, and with parental approval, group table games will be available for older children.  



*Basketball and Volleyball play areas available
*Ping Pong and Foosball tables


~Service Opportunities (Please, let us know if you are interested in helping.)

*Picking up after Groups

*Clean up after Meals

*Moving chairs



~The Annual Family Foundation Conference (Labor Day Weekend)

The Mission of the Family Foundation Conference:

Home- To strengthen the homes of every family and individual in the church by encouraging daily relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ through prayer, study and living out His Word.  

Individual- To teach Biblical/Apostolic godliness in relationships and lifestyle and emphasizing a person’s responsibility to righteously influence others including the Lord’s heritage (and the church’s lineage)—children. (Psalm 127)

Parents- To charge and encourage parents in fulfilling their responsibility in raising a godly seed for the Lord.  (Mal 2:15)

Homeschooling- To offer support and fellowship for Apostolic homeschooling families.   (Since this specific support is not very common.)

Resources- To provide Biblical/Apostolic resources regarding these mission topics as well as access to other appropriate and proper resources when available.

Ministry-To provide location and opportunity for Ministers of God to teach and preach on such mission topics that would encourage separation from this world’s ungodly ideals and ways.

Church Family- To strengthen unity by encouraging like-mindedness.

(The term “foundation” is singular in the theme title in order to continue the thought that each single “family” within a home has one main foundation.)


NEW!  House to House-- Each month the church family will gather at a specific family's home for fellowship, devotion and food.  Gathering together even moreso as the day approches as we seek to be more unified in likemindedness and spirit; growing to be more like our Lord Jesus Christ.  If you already attend regularly with our church family for worship and Bible study you may want to also be a part of our House to House gatherings. 


To the Lord Jesus be all praise, glory and honor! May His people be strengthened and His heritage be preserved in this hour!

*If there is need for a diclaimer in the Church, please allow this explaination;  that no author, teacher or family involved in the planning, preparation, training or communication of any kind would ever claim to have reached perfection in any area of home discipleship.  We (together) press toward the mark of the high calling of the Lord in all areas of life and only endeavor to somehow encourage others as we together continue in this way.