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Often the Lord brings to my mind the importance of the WORD.  He impresses  the fact that HE is WORD.  He loves relationships and communications.  He was originally the list maker and wrote things down (or inspired others to write His commands, thoughts and desires).  He created humans in his image and as we look around at all the books written and other forms of media it is obvious that  we are living out His image. Speaking, writing, reading communicating in any way reflects God's desire for unity......for understanding.....for community.  Where does this begin?   Of course, it is n the early years of development and education when children are presented the skills of reading and comprehension.  We all need to be able to read God's Word, His holy scripture,  and to study it diligently so that we won't be ashamed for the way we live this life he has given us.  

I loved teaching our three children.  They each began reading  by age four.  This morning the Lord brought emphasis to my heart for the ever so important need to teach others (children and adults) how to read and study;  That their lives can be enriched by the Word of God and that they too can share the hope of His Saving Gospel with someone else.  Following is an exerpt of an email I read today.  The author's points are some  of the same I'd like to share.



Keep These 5 Things in Mind When Teaching a Child to Read


Keep These 5 Things in Mind When Teaching a Child to Read

My son Samson has the energy of a heavily-caffeinated hummingbird. So it was with great interest that I perused the 87,943 reading programs on the market when it was time to teach him how to read.

Apparently, there are a lot of ways to approach this task: Do we teach the letter names first or the letter sounds? Should we introduce capital letters simultaneously with the lowercase letters, or after? How long should we work on reading each day?

After reading “How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons,” I condensed my takeaways to five ideas to teach a child to read successfully.

Choose Wisely

A wise home school veteran laughed with me over leafy salads one day at lunch. “Leah, choose a curriculum YOU like! You’re the one that has to mess with it each day!”

And so, I did. I am not crafty. I do not like messes. Maybe you love projects and hands-on learning. Whatever your passion, choose a reading program that you are excited to get out each day.

Give it a Break

I started teaching Samson to read when he was four. And, y’all, he just wasn’t ready. The lessons were grueling. I called up an older home school friend to ask what I was doing wrong. She told me he just might not be ready. So I put the book away for six months.

When we pulled it out again, it was a night and day difference. He was six months older, and six months more ready. If you’ve tried a few weeks with little progress, try taking a break until your child is a little older.

It’s Like a Foreign Language

When we start a reading lesson, I try to remember “It’s like when you were learning Japanese, Leah.” Remember that the letters that are so familiar to you, the words that are so easy for you, are completely foreign to your little one.

Be patient. Be positive. Be gentle. It’s like learning a foreign language!

Be Adaptable and Enthusiastic

Sometimes we learn to read outside. Sometimes we learn to read in the car. Sometimes I let him hold an object to get his energy out while we read on the couch. Don’t be afraid to change the atmosphere.

Encourage them! I pretend I am a huge audience roaring in applause if he does well. We laugh over stories that all begin, “THE BOY…” or “THE GIRL….” Or “THE MAN….” by yelling those first two words out loud together. Learning how to read doesn’t need to be boring!

It also helps to never go over 20 minutes a day with reading. Just stop. If it helps, do one lesson over two days or repeat a lesson. If you or your child are getting frustrated, it’s time to stop for the day.

Remember the End

Last summer I caught myself hesitating too long to help Samson sound out a word. It almost drove him to tears. He was trying, but just couldn’t do it. I learned a lesson that day. The end goal is a child that not only reads well, but loves reading. We want them to associate a love of learning with reading, and that starts when they learn letters and sounds. Keep your lessons short, upbeat and your eye on the end goal.



About Leah Spina  (the author of the borrowed part of this article)

Leah Spina is a second-generation home schooler. She lives in the Dallas/Fort Worth, area with her husband of eight years, David, and their three children: Samson (6), Esther (3) and Hannah (1). She graduated from Thomas Edison State College with a degree in business administration, and is a former journalist for WORLD magazine. She is an inspirational speaker and author of Amazon Best-Seller Stop and Smell Your Children: Laugh and Enjoy the Little Years. You can follow her on social media or at

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